Terms and conditions of service

1.All digital projects are not refundable once access is given
A.3D vehicle models are given access to almost right away as should refund is not possible
B. Digital projects for use of the esx service will be given with 72hours of time of purshase

  1. purshase an item for use on an official NIRP server you understand that
    A.you have to follow the outlined rules for the server*
    *this can be found on the discord at discord.nirp.site
    B.If you fail to follow these rules you can be ban permanently meaning you will no longer be able to access the service

3.All digital projects will be deliveried within 72 hours and if not contact support at discord.nirp.site

4.3D vehicle models may be given access for use on the Fivepd server but this access can be taken away can anytime