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A word from the RPU leader.

The Role of the roads policing unit is to work together to reduce, solve and prevent road-related crime. this may range from vehicles without insurance to street racing. In road policing, we have officers trained in pursuits, TPAC and collision investigation. To help with the job of road policing the road policing unit is given RPVs (road policing vehicles) these are high performance cars which are suited to the role. -Jammy

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Upcoming Changes on the Fivepd

Morning everyone this will be a simple post on what to expect upcoming for the fivepd and a bit of a general update at the end. now let’s start with Department and Units change first off the biggest change under this…

Command positions opened!

Command positions opened!

Good afternoon have you been looking for a position on the command team within the PSNI well now is your perfect time to apply we are currently looking for all ranks within dpu a sarge for rpu and inspector and chief…

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