Road police

A word from the RPU leader.

The job of RPU (Roads Policing Unit), the job is to ensure that people who’re using the roads are safe from drivers who may cause harm to other people on the roads. The job of an RPU officer is to reduce crime being committed on roads like drink/drug driving, no insurance/registration, invalid and suspended licenses. RPU officers are all pursuit trained and they can intercept any pursuits which are ongoing. -liam2021

News for Road policing

News 05/11/2021

Hello NIRP Today Me (The owner), Ethan (The mod), and TylerD (the Hr manager) have come to a new agreement that they will be the main frontmen of the Life Roleplay server. This will hopefully allow the LifeRP server to gain…

Fivepd News 17/08/2021

Well I remembered this website exists and so am going to hopefully use it more now at so let’s start Radio changes With fivepd 1.5 now allowing for use of one sync which is a godsend, I can finally use mumble…

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