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International and Sidebar Home 1


Fivepd News 17/08/2021

Well I remembered this website exists and so am going to hopefully use it more now at so let’s start Radio changes With fivepd 1.5 now allowing for use of one sync which is a godsend, I can finally use mumble…

Operation Road Safety

This is the newest of Operation for RPU. In this operation all RPU should be focusing on any form of reckless driving all of these callouts are a part of the operation A car is driving recklessly A car is driving…


DPU boat ashore drunk person causing issues drug deal fight in process group with fireworks ANPR hit Drunk and disorderly moped crime Possible overdose Public indecency Shoplifting Stab Victim (but to call ARU if stabber is found) Drunk fight Overdose 999…