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    Mrs brown

    Hello! I am Constable Brown and I am applying to be Sergeant for ARU/ARV, even though I have been apart of ARU for a small amount of time, around 10 days I believe, I think I am a good candidate for Sergeant.. There are many reasons I should be chosen to be Sergeant over others. One of my reasons is my maturity, if you have not yet noticed, while I am on-duty in any situation I am quite mature and am aware when I can be immature; example in off-duty chats, but when I am on-duty I am all business, while I may make some immature jokes I know when not to. Another reason is my experience being apart of some sort of command, back when I was in a server called “OutlawRP” I was in SAHP that turned to SASP, I was apart of the Special Investigations Unit and within that unit I was ranked “Master Sergeant” and I was Master Sergeant for quite some time, basically second in command since there was no Lieutenant in it. Also apart of my experience, when I was in a server called “Code Blue” (not here anymore), I was ranked Captain, although there were no “official” ranks within that server, our staff ranks equalled a certain rank. Another reason I believe I am a good candidate for Sergeant is my activity and dedication towards ARU, as I said before, I have been ARU for a small amount of time but ever since I got ARU I have been on most of the days actively patrolling and assisting other departments (DPU and RPU) in armed pursuits that may leave the city.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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