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    Ben Robbets

    At this moment in time, I am Applying to become an Inspector with the ARV team, the reason for my application for such rank is to lead and better the officers in situations where the aren’t as informed or as knowledgeable as others in certain situations. To continue my reasoning, I am certain (no questions asked) that I have the mentality/mindset and information to give this rank my all, and to carry out all duties required by the rank of Inspector. I will attend to situations not only scenes, but also in side of the department. To no extent am I doubting any other applicant, however I do believe that I would be a loss for fulfilling this rank. I am more than ready to take ongoing new challenges and task not only as a AP Inspector, but as a whole department.

    Jammy Games

    Hello this application has been rejected as it is a copied of an application that has already been submitted as seen here https://nirp.site/forums/topic/arv-inspector-application-tylerd/


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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