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    I have been perma banned from nirp which I’m now regretting very much as I was starting to enjoy the server and getting into it more, this was the first gta rp server I have ever played which shows from the lack of knowledge of how things run and work in a gta rp server. I admit my first few warns and bans were stupid of me and was completely my fault for lack of knowing what to do , but then after I was not enjoying rp much so I didn’t really care too much about the server and for playing it. On my last day of playing the server before I got banned and I was really enjoying nirp and thought I was going to continue to play the server for as long as it was fun ,but that came to a stop when I foolishly rdmed and got perma banned. I’m sorry for breaking the rules and would love another chance to play on the server and with the community.

    Jammy Games

    Hello Spoof,

    Thanks for appealing your ban i am going to accept your appeal

    Have a good day,

    –Owner Jammy–

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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