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    I would appreciate being unbanned because I do not believe this ban was fair. I got warned by the mod Tom as he believed I fail rp’d and thought my friend told me where he was however i was a bank security driver and one of my deliveries was the top of the map i delivered the package and drove down the motorway into the city and near the city there was a tail back and i went around cars and crashed and then an hour later got warned by tom. My other warn i got from Mason was because I rolled my car once then drove on, ive been in chases were the police cars were smashed up and they still drove on and got no punishment which is why i believe this warn was unfair.


    Hello Conzo,

    The staff who have warned you have decided that this appeal will be DENIED , this ban appeal is just talking about your warnings and not any reason to be unbanned. While you’re banned we suggest that you spend time learning from your mistakes to prevent you from getting warned/banned again.

    All of the warnings issued will remain valid, we have had many discussions and the warnings are final.

    Proof of warnings –

    1) https://streamable.com/qn7da7
    2) https://streamable.com/vuk8j8
    3) https://streamable.com/xluktp

    Ban Expires: 12/04/2021 04:50 PM

    Have a good day,

    –Admin Liam–


    First one was fair, ur second and third link doesnt work but i know that one of them was from tom who warned me for crashing which is stupid af, other one was from mason whos just a crier awell.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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