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    I am extremely active and have attended along with all training required and also offered to join and help out in other training sessions which I was not needed in within all previous servers. I work well as a team which is required to ensure operation run smoothly and large issues resolved swiftly. I am supportive and will always give feedback in a supportive way, ensuring everyone remains happy and ensure they do not believe I am criticizing them, just giving useful advise to help improve rp quality etc. I will happily take advise and support from anyone no matter rank nor division, ensuring to act upon it in a quick manner. I am going to be going to university in 3 years and doing a degree in paramedic, hoping to spend around 4 years in medical school and then enter the medical field as a paramedic for the NHS. I have a large amount of experience with medical rp in both FiveM and I can also a NHS learning centre cadet. This is able to provide me with an extremely large amount of experience and will ensure that all rp I am involved in is to a high and professional level. I am extremely patient and I believe this will benefit me within the department as if there is a new member I will happily spend the time to explain everything to them slowly and ensure they are happy without getting distracted meaning they are happy with the service they revived, this also applies if someone is new to the city, I will happily go out of my way to help them and be lenient with the punishment, and help them rather than it being all about “winning”.

    In a situation I am able to handle it in a non-biased was where I can ensure that all involved are happy about the outcome and ensure they understand why the chosen punishment was issued. I also help with server promotion by making videos for tik tok and allow anyone in the server to use them to promote the server in a positive light and make more people want to join.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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