This post is going to cover the most common laws and their sections which the PSNI will use

Road Related Laws

Road Traffic (Northern Ireland) Order 1995

  • section 9 – death or GBI by dangerous driving
  • section 10 – dangerous driving
  • section 12 – careless and inconsiderate driving
  • section 15 – driving while unfit due to drink or drugs
  • section 17 – Power to do preliminary tests such as breath, impairment and drug tests. It also covers the powers of arrest and use of reasonable force to enter any place to arrest following an accident
  • section 21 – detention of persons affected by alcohol or a drug
  • section 23 – seatbelts
  • section 33 – causing danger to road users
  • section 36 – tempering with motor vehicles
  • section 38 – pedestrian endangering themselves or others

Road Traffic (Northern Ireland) Order 2007

  • section 5 -contravention of temporary speed restriction
  • section 7 – increase in penalties for careless and inconsiderate driving
  • section 9 – disqualification for using a vehicle in a dangerous condition
  • section 18 – powers of arrest in relation to failure to stop
  • section 20 – seizure of license
  • section 21 – seizure of vehicles without insurance

Road Traffic Act 1988

  • section 163 – the power to stop a vehicle
  • section 164 – the power to require proof of driving license to be shown when asked
  • section 165 – the power to obtain the name and address of the driver and others and for the requirement to show evidence of insurance
  • section 168 –  Failure to give, or giving false, name and address in case of reckless or careless, or inconsiderate driving or cycling.

Other Laws

Police (Northern Ireland) Act 1998

section 66 – assault on, and obstruction of a constable carrying out their legal duties

Justice and Security (Northern Ireland) Act 2007

  • section 21 – the power to stop and question when it comes to an incident that has injured or killed someone
  • section 22 – the powers to arrest if there you reasonably expect the person has committed or is going to commit an offence
  • section 23 – the power to enter any premise if the need arises in the course of operations to keep peace or maintenance of order
  • section 24 – search powers for munitions and transmitters
  • section 25 – Search powers for unlawfully detained persons
  • section 26 – the power to search vehicles and premises under section 24 and 25
  • section 30 and 32 – powers to close roads

The Police and Criminal Evidence (Northern Ireland) Order 1989

section 3 – the power to stop and search persons and vehicles

section 10 – the power to carry out a search warrant

section 19 – the power to enter a premise to arrest a person

section 26 – powers to arrest if you think they have committed an offence

section 29 – power to certain fingerprint offenders

section 34 – the power to search upon arrest

Terrorism Act 2000

  • section 41 – the power to arrest if you suspect the person is a member of a terrorist organization
  • section 42 – the power to search a premise you believe a terrorist is living or operating from
  • section 43 – the power to search person and vehicle you believe is involved in terrorism