2 Years of NIRP

I want to start with a massive thanks to the community as whole as without yous all NIRP would not exist as it does today. Well time for some history

The start of NIRP

A small bit of detail first NIRP was formed from an older community called jammers which was me and a few friends in which we played unturned and Minecraft factions starting around 2014. At the start of 2020, me and spurl were interested in playing LSPDFR together which is when we found about fivem. After playing on other servers for a while my brother suggested making our own this was the start of NIRP. The private server launch was 13th of may but it still wasn’t called NIRP yet this changed when the first people started to play and one of them made this logo

With that, the name NIRP was made and officially adopted on the 19th of May 2020. Nothing major changed until the 14th of feburary when the RP server was changed to an ESX this was when NIRP was at the most popular with 3 servers running including an unturned server.

2021 to now

around the start of 2021 was when the first of the major changes started with an RPC-based server opening at the start of the year which then was quickly changed to an ESX due to popular demand. This is where most people joined NIRP with it easily being the most popular we have ever been. Well after the summer of 2021 come to a close naturally with schools starting back NIRP lost its player count. This was then what I would say was the time when I started to experiment doing all weird things like a QBCore server which admitly was not well received and quickly lose popularity but that was shut down at the end of the year which is now being made into the new RPC which will be opening on the 1st of June.

The future of NIRP

Well the future of NIRP is in a not-so-stable state right now as I have got a new job which with college is not leaving me with a lot of free time to do stuff for the server but still, NIRP lives on and well for the foreseeable future well. I have no plans on ever shutting down NIRP in fact I am going to be branching into new games if all things go well. Plus the new RPC which am sure a lot of you have lost all interest in and rightful so as it has been a slow development is launching on the 1st of June all things go well. the official name for this server will be Frontlines of Northern Ireland much like the YT series which has been in the works for nearly a year now. For the far far future around 3 to 4 years away I will be hoping to launch my own RP based standalone game but that’s all the detail am ready to give out right now am going to finish with thanking everyone for playing and being a part of the community and I hope you stay for a good well longer.