Upcoming Changes on the Fivepd

Morning everyone this will be a simple post on what to expect upcoming for the fivepd and a bit of a general update at the end. now let’s start with

Department and Units change

first off the biggest change under this is NIAS will be soon a playable department on the fivepd. i am going to have it as a non-apply department so anyone can join without having to apply for it. Road policing and Armed response are now being changed to units as they are IRL with district policing being renamed to local policing which would be its closest IRL unit.

Vehicle Changes

As some of you know there has been 20 vehicles in early access for some time now while most are now going to be coming out of early access these include

  • marked xc90
  • unmarked passat r line ARV
  • unmarked 2017 a6 ARV
  • unmarked 2018 BMW g31 ARV
  • unmarked golfs ACV and RPV
  • marked Superb ANPR
  • marked G31 ANPR
  • unmarked superb ACV
  • unmarked and marked superb estate IRV
  • marked octavia estate IRV

some new vehicles that well being made and to be added within the next 3 months are

Marked Skoda Octavia Scout 2018 and 2017

2015 unmarked Ford MondeoIRV and DSV

2016 unmarked Ford Focus ST ACV and RPV

2017 Unmarked Focus estate IRV

Semi marked Ford Focus estate ACV

2017 Marked Audi A6 RPV

2018 Marked Skoda Octavia Scout RRV

There is a lot more including updates to vehicles in the game such as the t6 cell van, v90 and octavia estates.

General Update

Well as some of you may know I have started a new job which has left me with very few days off meaning I do not have the time I once have to put into NIRP as I am also still at college. this means you may see a slowing down of updates and bug fixes.

the RPC server is also still being worked on behind the scenes.