NIRP News 20/03/22

Hello NIRP Users and other readers

I think a general News post is way overdue with the last post from me being all the way back in November and needless to say a lot has happened since then so starting with the biggest

Staff changes

Ethan known as the pope in the discord is now the head admin and the 3rd highest staff member on the server. This is a direct result of the previous admin liam2022 has was demoted then left as a result of their actions outside of the community which was not in line with what is expected of someone in a position of power within NIRP. Additionally, TylerD is now the HR lead and may be looking for new HR officers soon so watch for that. On the last staff changes, you may have noticed that Aaron7_mufc is now a news writer he is a welcomed new member who will hopefully bring this news page a breath of new life.

Auto Crime Team

You may have noticed some newer and more unique marked and unmarked cars in the early access program. these are mostly cars that are a part of the Auto Crime Team update that is coming very soon. Below are some but not all of the cars coming in the update

Random scenarios

If you have been playing you may have noticed some more randomness in your play sessions. This may have been due to the new resource which adds 12 random scenarios that will happen roughly every 7 to 10 minutes to any person on the server. My hope with this resource is to allow for gameplay that doesn’t become repetitive and keeps you on your feet. Below are some of these scenarios.

vehicle window ambush
stolen gun
road rage
grenade attack
car thief
open carry

Thats all for this week see you next week with the next update


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