News 05/11/2021

Hello NIRP

Today Me (The owner), Ethan (The mod), and TylerD (the Hr manager) have come to a new agreement that they will be the main frontmen of the Life Roleplay server. This will hopefully allow the LifeRP server to gain a new life and become the server it never was. Don’t worry no characters or progression will be wiped but there will be a reshuffle of the Ranks of the emergency services additionally some new rules will come into effect these are

  1. All gangs based on IRL paramilities or Gangs will now be renamed or removed
  2. A full ban on any suicide or self harm RP
  3. No unnesscary OOC during rp
  4. Powergaming is now a banable offence*
  5. Any type of majorly offensive RP is a banable offence**

*power gaming is the use of waiting till a player is stopped from interacting via game mechanics to take off action an example will be waiting for a cop or paramedic to enter an animation before fighting them

**We understand that you may be offensive without meaning to be this is a rule designed to stop the use of racism, homophobia, and sectarian roleplay of any type

Other news

The Fivepd server is seeing new vehicles being added to the f11 for response, road and armed response drivers