Operation Maxim

So starting from today we will be starting a brand new operation called operation maxim for road police we will also be recieving the help from response teams aswell as this is a huge operation covering san andreas. operation maxim will be a traffic based operation where we will be cracking down hard on speeders. the operation will be based out of la mesa road police headquarters. now we will be having many spots being covered however the main ones will be covered by the road policing team then the city streets are very low on speeding so thats where most of the response team will be helping us out if they catch anybody. so starting with our main location being on the freeway the main zone will be at A

so at A we will have a officer on either side of the road doing speed radar for the officers doing northbound you will be pulling vehicles over into a layby at postal 7357 for the officer facing south you will have to either get them to follow you off the freeway at elgin ave or have them follow you to legion car park. all units will be unmarked or semi marked vehicles would be prefable. so the next area will be zone M

so zone M will be the same as zone a we will have 2 officers either side of the road doing radar we need to also be careful as a team to only conduct a traffic stop in a safe place not just for there safety but for our safety too. the same will be applied again you will need to be able to prefably use a unmarked or semimarked vehicles. the next zone will be same as the other two where we will be putting 2 police officers onto this zone however this next zone we will also have response teams if they are available to help out with the zone at all.

so with this zone the officers will be doing a figure of 8 they will go wrom del perro freeway onto olympic freeway onto la peurta freeway to elaysian freeway to olympic again back to la puerta to del perro then the other officer will go the opposite way like i said the officers will be helped where possible by the response teams. also if we have a arrest warrant we must call for back up from another road police unit however if it is a high risk arrest warrant we must call for back up from armed response teams if there is none avialable then we call normal response units if that still is not available within five minutes please request 2 backup road police units.

we will be basing the operation from la mesa however breifing will be done inside mission row police station. now we will be having new vehicles for this however this will be released on the updates page so please keep an eye out. thank you so much and lets get this operation underway.

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