NIRP 1.1

With this server update, the biggest feature is the new loading screen. this is the featured photo of this news article. this now has a list of rules, social media links, and content available. Additionally, it plays music when loading in this was a feature I had previously on the server but had to remove it.

Kuchera callout and menu

I have additionally added the Kuchera callout pack and menu. Callouts included are

  • Active Shooter: ARV
  • Armed Robbery: ARV
  • Attempted Kidnapping: ARV
  • Bench Warrant: ARV
  • Bicycle On Highway: RPU
  • Business Burglary ARV
  • EMS Assistance: IRV
  • House Burglary: IRV
  • HumanTrafficking: ARV
  • Shots fired call: ARV
  • Money Truck Pursuit: ARV
  • Neighbor Dispute: IRV
  • Pedestrian On Highway: RPU
  • Person With Knife: ARV
  • Police Impersonator: IRV
  • Pursuit: RPU
  • Semi Pursuit: IRV
  • Solicitation: IRV
  • SportsBikePursuit: RPU
  • Stolen Prison Bus: IRV
  • Store Hold up: IRV
  • Street Racing: RPU
  • Traffic Accident: RPU
  • Vehicle BOLO: IRV
  • Vehicle Burglary: IRV

The menu has many features that i know have been requested by many of the players this includes

  • Ped changing in police stations
  • Vehicle Equipment: tec clothes, long guns etc
  • Vehicle Door controls
  • animations

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