NIRP 1.0

This is the First Offical release of NIRP. With this i have made several changes and policies for the server.

Police Buddy

i have put the police buddy script on so that if you want you can have an ai partner with you when on patrol. F3 opens the Police Buddy

Air Support

I have now made an Air Branch that is now open. the two positions are the camera operator and the helicopter pilot. you can apply via

New vehicle and Vehicle policy

A new Vehicle has been added that is the Astra estate. This is the vehicle in the image. The new Vehicle policy is that off am going to start enforcing Department Vehicles due to the fact that I have seen some response units in rpu and arv vehicles. With this, I will begin the custom vehicle program that any high ranking or player that make content for the server will have a custom vehicle with their department id

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