FivePD v1.4 Update and Server news

FivePD Version news

The server has now been updated to use the latest version Fivepd what is version 1.4 below are the patch notes for this

  • You must release the ped before being able to set it in a vehicle (to prevent your arm from being stuck in animation)
  • Cuff animation issues
    • Cuffed peds won’t automatically follow you (note that they might despawn if you go far away from them and nobody is looking at them)
  • … and a few more minor issues.

Additionally i would like to add that i know some users are getting CAD/MDT issues this is Directly related to the database and computer folder of FivePD. i have had this issues since the server began and managed to fix it but it seems the issues has returned with fivepd version 1.4.

Server News

With this I am going to be announcing the introduction of Server updates these will be updates to the server that add new things like cars, new car skins, new plugins (in the next one is a heli cam), and any other things. These will take place at the last Sunday of every month

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